The holiday season is all about the kids. Really. But it can be challenging to find a gift that a child will truly enjoy and appreciate.

I interrogated my own 9-year-old daughter for the truth about what gifts she liked best and questioned every outdoor-oriented parent I could reach for their opinions. The list below is the result of the most comprehensive research I did for any of my assigned holiday gift guides. Because, really, the holidays are for the kids.

Passport to Your National Parks Junior Ranger Edition: $15

Passport to Your National Parks Junior Ranger Edition book
(Photo/Seiji Ishii)

The experiences that led to my 9-year-old daughter getting this passport book stamped with “cancellations” at each of the five parks we visited last summer were highlights that we still discuss today.

This book is divided into geographic regions and provides history and poignant facts for the areas, as well as a checklist for every park within

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Experience is among the biggest hurdles you need to clear in order to enter any competitive profession. However, clearing this hurdle can be especially challenging for those entering the medical field because it’s unlikely you can get into medical school without some experience under your belt.

Unlike other professions, the field of medicine offers internship opportunities only upon graduation from medical school. So, the question for many high school and college students aspiring to become doctors is this: How do I get the patient care experience I need to get into medical school if I’m not a doctor?

Our solution? Perhaps the best clinical experience for pre-med can be obtained by training for and working as an emergency medical technician (EMT). As an EMT, you get diverse hands-on patient care experience in a fast-paced, high-intensity treatment environment while working closely with firefighters, police officers, doctors, and other emergency-response and medical

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One aspect of entertaining you may love is cooking for your guests. While your kitchen may be suitable for some parties, an extensive guest list or excellent weather can entice you to move the party outdoors.

Consider a fully stocked outdoor kitchen’s benefits instead of relying on a grill and folding table.

3 Ways an Outdoor Kitchen Can be Ideal for Entertaining

Less Moving In and Out of the Home

Using your kitchen to prepare meals and serving it outside can bring bugs inside. It can also affect your guest’s access to food since some dishes may be split between the two areas.

An outdoor kitchen with all the accommodations you want can make it easy to prepare and serve food in the same area.

Make an Ideal Setting for Parties

Your family might enjoy your kitchen, but it may not have the same accommodation for entertaining guests. Not only could the seating be limited indoors, but you may prefer

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Luke Cuenco   11.18.22

OutdoorHub 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Water Bottles NOT Made in China

Stay hydrated! Words to live by! No matter how you get your water on the go, having a good water bottle is a surefire way to always be ready for adventure when it calls. While store-bought “disposable” plastic water bottles are inexpensive and convenient, they’re also terrible for the environment, more expensive per gallon of water, and are nowhere near as durable. Nice, well-made reusable water bottles have none of those drawbacks and also happen to make great gifts. As we approach the upcoming holiday season, you might want to consider a nice high-quality (read: not made in China) water bottle for your adventure-loving friends and family. Today we’ll be providing you with some of our favorites as well as some budget-minded options for you to consider so you can make sure everyone you care about stays well-hydrated this holiday season!

More Holiday Gift Guides @ OutdoorHub:

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seizure buck video

Trail camera footage shows a buck working a scrape before falling down and having what appears to be a seizure. courtesy of Growing Deer TV

A video that was shared to Instagram earlier this month by Growing Deer TV shows trail camera footage of a buck working a scrape at an undisclosed location. While lifting its head to work an overhanging limb, the buck suddenly hits the ground and has what appears to be a seizure. At least that’s the theory held by Grant Woods, a well-respected whitetail biologist, habitat manager, and the host of Growing Deer TV.

Woods says that a viewer named John Gibbs sent him the trail camera footage and asked for his opinion. The video does not have a timestamp, and Gibbs chose not to share the location where it was recorded.

“I’d never seen anything like it, but after talking back and forth we

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