After Chuck Grado made the shot on a nearly 200-inch whitetail last month, his mind went straight to his wife, Ruth Macke. Sitting alone in a treestand in the fading light, he typed out a cryptic, nerve-rattled text: “30+her Byckr Hera. <omE now. 4 Bucks here.”

Ruth, who was back at their home in Cedar Rapids, saw the text and figured he was still shaking in the stand. She wouldn’t see the buck herself until the following morning, but she already knew that whatever her husband had killed was special.

“I think your typos answered my question about shaking,” she replied.

The Hunt for the 20-Point Buck

It was the day after Thanksgiving, and Grado had been in the stand all afternoon by the time the 20-point buck stepped into view. Perched in an oak tree over a well-worn game trail between the river bottom and a wheat field, he’d

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Sometimes, it’s worth stopping and reflecting on all the awesome powder days a season had to offer — especially when conditions aren’t currently cooperating.

If you follow Michael C Wirth’s YouTube channel, you know this guy skis hard, he skis often, and he skis the gnarliest backcountry terrain he can find every season.

You’ll also know that the last few videos Wirth has posted have showcased some of the worst, most atrocious conditions ever. Crusty, wind-swept, exposed runs have plagued Wirth’s season.

Those videos are still exciting. But they can’t compare to Wirth’s powder-day videos. Nothing can elicit a more visceral, emotional response from other skiers and riders than watching someone (like Wirth) get nose-deep in some champagne powder.

Wirth understands this as much as we do.

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Nobody likes to be hot and sweaty on the trail. But when things turn from being uncomfortable to becoming downright dangerous, it’s time for quick, on-the-spot emergency action. 

Heat illness is a range of medical conditions that result from the body’s inability to cope with an elevated heat load. When that occurs, it is more commonly referred to as “heat strain.” And whether you’re inactive in a warm, humid environment or participating in strenuous physical activity in the fall or winter, you are at an increased risk of heat illness.

For people who engage in backcountry adventures, heat illness and heat strain are among the many potential health and safety risks. That’s why our instructors at The National Center for Outdoor Adventure Education (NCOAE) include it in our Wilderness Medicine courses. In this post, we bring you up to speed on the basics, including the symptoms to watch for, preventive

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Camping is a thrilling and adventurous activity that allows us to reconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, while immersing ourselves in the great outdoors, it is crucial to prioritize safety and security. Properly equipping yourself with the right security gear can make all the difference between a worry-free camping experience and potential hazards. Here, we will explore essential security equipment you should consider when planning your next camping trip.

1. Quality Tent with Reinforced Zippers

Your tent is your primary shelter during camping, and its security features should not be overlooked. Opt for a high-quality tent with reinforced zippers, as they are less likely to break or get stuck, ensuring that your tent remains securely closed at all times. Additionally, choose a tent with double-wall construction to enhance protection against the elements and potential intruders.

2. Lockable Storage Solutions

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Landscaping your pool is a great investment that will allow you to get the most out of your pool’s potential usage and pleasure. Landscaping around a swimming pool has several advantages. Here are a few ways pool landscaping may be beneficial for those who are not sure if pool landscaping is the correct choice.

Why Should You Consider Landscaping Around Your Pool?

Enhancement of Functionality

The numerous ways you will want to utilize your pool and the surrounding area are taken into account in a well-designed pool-landscaping plan. As a result, you will have a perfect place to host gatherings of friends and family while still having convenient access to the pool for swimming and relaxing. When we start on a project, we make sure to consider all of the relevant practical considerations.

Enhances Pool Users’ Privacy

Enhancing the visual appeal of a pool and providing additional privacy for its users may be achieved by adding landscape around

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