Get Steep and Deep With Michael C Wirth in a Full on ‘Powder Boogie’

Sometimes, it’s worth stopping and reflecting on all the awesome powder days a season had to offer — especially when conditions aren’t currently cooperating.

If you follow Michael C Wirth’s YouTube channel, you know this guy skis hard, he skis often, and he skis the gnarliest backcountry terrain he can find every season.

You’ll also know that the last few videos Wirth has posted have showcased some of the worst, most atrocious conditions ever. Crusty, wind-swept, exposed runs have plagued Wirth’s season.

Those videos are still exciting. But they can’t compare to Wirth’s powder-day videos. Nothing can elicit a more visceral, emotional response from other skiers and riders than watching someone (like Wirth) get nose-deep in some champagne powder.

Wirth understands this as much as we do. And this is why Wirth released the Steep and Deep Powder Boogie.

“I figured it was appropriate to share some fun we’ve been having in the lovely snow falling in December,” Wirth wrote in the video description.

May the rest of Wirth’s season be as steep and deep as his powder boogie. And may the rest of our seasons be just as bountiful.

Runtime: 7 minutes

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