The champion ski mountaineer is always looking for new ways to challenge himself above treeline.

“When I do what I want, I am more satisfied with myself,” La Sportiva athlete Nadir Maguet says to the camera in the opening minutes of FKT Project.

And what he wants to do is fast and light alpinism.

The pursuit marks a change of pace for Maguet, who’s a force to be reckoned with in the ski mountaineering world. Now, as he searches for an identity beyond that discipline, he’s set his eyes on breaking several fastest known times.

Give FKT Project a watch, especially if you’ve been thinking about how you define yourself as an athlete. Who are you really competing against?

Runtime: 7 minutes

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Best TravelBrisbane Airport was named Australia’s first dementia-pleasant airport by Alzheimer’s Australia at the launch in the present day within the International Terminal of a brand new guide to the airport for travellers with dementia. Soul Function is a good journey group for women who love journey. They excel in offering you thrilling experiences within the form of journey actions corresponding to kayaking, trekking, and mountaineering among other issues. Aside from this, you’ll additionally be able to enjoy meditation workshops, yoga periods, and pictures with them. Becoming a member of this all-inclusive travel group can be among the many finest selections you will ever make to positively impact your travels in future.

Second place goes to the Amex Platinum, which lately plugged a huge gap in its advantages by adding vital travel insurance coverage protection. The United Membership Card completed third with its surprisingly complete policies and the remaining Amex cards … Read more

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One of the major “perks” of working as a field instructor, guide, or senior staff in the outdoor education and adventure-based programming sector of the outdoor industry used to be an offer of free or low-cost housing. Today, that incentive is more elusive, both for employees at our peer organizations and the staff we hire here at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE).

Affordable staff housing — or the lack thereof — tops the list of major financial issues facing those of us who oversee the experiential education programs we run at NCOAE. Our instructors and staff come from around the globe to teach and facilitate our outdoor adventure and education programs. And for us, it has always been important that when they arrive on campus, we attempt to make sure the stress of basic needs does not overshadow the joy of the work.

Carolina Beach, North

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An Interview with Outward Bound Alum, Jim Koch: Chairman and founder of Boston Beer Company, and brewer of Sam Adams beer by Daniel Lilienthal 

Going Outward Bound 

Jim Koch is one of the world’s most successful beer brewers, creating Sam Adams beer out of his kitchen in the early 1980s. He’s given hundreds of interviews, mostly about his product and his business, but until recently, had never been interviewed or told the story of his connection to the organization that gave him the confidence and leadership skills to pursue such a bold venture. 

That organization? Outward Bound. 

Born in Ohio, educated in Boston, Jim Koch found his way to Outward Bound in the early 1970s. Dropping out of Harvard as a graduate student, Jim moved out to Colorado to begin a 3-year stint as a student, assistant Instructor, and then full-Instructor at Outward Bound, moving from schools and base camps

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If you are looking to make your outdoor living space even better, while also trying to increase the value of your property, then having a pergola or gazebo installed is an excellent idea. Not only are these features incredibly enjoyable for you, but they also increase the value of your property for multiple reasons. Here are three great reasons why a pergola or gazebo will increase the value of your property.

3 Reasons Why A Pergola Will Increase the Value Of Your Property

More Outdoor Living Space

One reason why a pergola or gazebo will increase the overall value of your property is because it helps to increase the amount of outdoor living space that you have. This helps your home to appraise for more, which in turn will allow you to then sell it for more money.

It Makes Your Home More Appealing To Buyers

If a potential buyer sees that you have invested in your outdoor living space by installing

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