Discovering Italy’s 5 Challenging Yet Rewarding Aspects

Unlock the door to extraordinary experiences and set your sights on crafting a dream vacation that transcends the ordinary. From idyllic landscapes to immersive cultural journeys, the canvas of dream vacations is as vast and varied as your imagination. Let’s explore unique destinations and elements that can transform your wanderlust into a reality.

1. Unveiling Paradise: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Embark on a dreamy escape to Bora Bora, a jewel in the South Pacific known for its overwater bungalows and surreal turquoise lagoons. Indulge in the luxury of secluded resorts, where the harmony of nature and opulent accommodations create an unparalleled tropical haven. Snorkel in vibrant coral gardens, bask in the sun on pristine beaches, and let the serenity of Bora Bora become the backdrop for your dream vacation.

2. Alpine Elegance: Zermatt, Switzerland

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Zermatt, a …

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Luke Cuenco   01.09.23

New Lightweight ROGUE Rifle Models Announced by Fierce Firearms

If you’re looking for the newest backcountry hunting rifles on the market, stop and check out the recently released and updated ROGUE series from Fierce Firearms. These new rifles have tons of awesome new features including custom adjustable triggers, improvise bipod rails, and flush-fit QD mounts for slings, and all come with a .75 MOA guarantee in the accuracy department.

More Backcountry Hunting Stuff @ OutdoorHub:

New Lightweight ROGUE Rifle Models Announced by Fierce Firearms

CT Rogue

Price Starting at $2,599

Fierce Firearms Announces 4 New ROUGE Models

The NEW CT ROGUE from Fierce Firearms is the most affordable, lightweight accurate rifle on the market. The Rogue is the perfect combination of the reliable Fierce DUAL-LUG action with a new Sleek – Lightweight Rogue stock. Updated Fierce features include an improved integral, easy accessible bipod rail. If you are looking to enter the Carbon barrel rifle game, now is your time.


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Published Jan 7, 2023 12:23 PM

When it comes to gear, turkey hunting can be as minimal or maximal as you choose. Many of the early, fabled turkey hunters needed little more than basic camo, a call or two, and a shotgun. Today, a lot of turkey hunters don habitat-specific camo, shoulder turkey-specific shotguns, and set ultra-realistic decoys. Depending on who you ask, what constitutes a necessary piece of turkey hunting gear will vary wildly. Ultimately, the gear you need depends on your hunting strategy. If you prefer waiting a tom out, you might not mind lugging a ton of equipment into the woods. But if you plan to run and gun, packing light is the way to go.

Regardless of your approach, I’ve compiled a list of turkey hunting gear

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The new boat brand Veer aims to attract modern, tech-savvy boaters. Offering user-friendly features, the Veer X13 is designed to handle an electric outboard motor.

Veer is a new boat brand designing boats for those who want to go electric on the water. From the engineering team at Lund Boats, the first model is a 13-footer. The Veer X13 launched at CES this week, aiming the new line at the next generation of boaters.

Veer X13 electric boat

This is the 18th boat brand from parent company Brunswick, the largest pleasure boat company in the world. So it’s no fly-by-night startup. The company has plenty of experience on lakes, rivers, and streams. The big corporate backing is why it was designed by the engineering team at industry leader Lund Boats.

Veer X13 Electric Boat: New Brand, Plenty of Experience

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Concussion recognition and treatment has gotten a lot of attention over the last decade, mostly in the context of youth and professional sports such as tackle football and soccer. It’s even a topic for those who serve in our armed forces. However, confusion over its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment remains widespread. 

In an interview with a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times, former National Football League quarterback Brett Favre, who was knocked out cold only once in his 20-year career, claimed that “probably 90 percent” of the tackles he endured left him with a concussion.

He’s most likely correct in that estimation. After all, the definition of “concussion” is broad: “A concussion is a brain injury, a disturbance in brain function induced by traumatic forces, either from a direct blow to the head or a transmitted force from a blow to the body.” It disrupts brain function at the cellular

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Outward Bound did not come into Mike Stanley’s life as a 14-year-old middle school student or during a gap year in college. Mike found Outward Bound, and ultimately himself, as a 54-year-old.  

It was 1987 and Mike knew he needed and wanted more. As a 29-year Wall Street veteran, Mike was leading a life commuting for an hour and a half to and from New York City every day. His weekends were his escape when he and his family would spend them whitewater canoeing, sailing, or skiing.  

By 1988 he knew he needed a change. He enrolled on a cross-country skiing and dog sledding Outward Bound course in January in Minnesota. Through the negative 40-degree temperatures and the physical challenge of plunging into an ice hole in frigid temperatures, Mike’s experience proved life-changing. 

At the end of his course, Mike applied to three Outward Bound Schools to be an

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