If you’ve decided to take the plunge into this exciting take on an exciting sport, there are a few considerations you should think about before takeoff. Make sure that you are at the intermediate level on regular ski trails. This will help give you confidence when you get the chance to lay some ski-tracks on virgin territory. 

It’s not true that this type of skiing automatically means a very advanced difficulty level. After all, this type of heli skiing can be used as a  method of transportation you use to get to your departure point on the mountain. Many helicopter ski experiences will deposit you at a place on the mountain with a gentle grade. This experience doesn’t have to mean unreasonable difficulty; it can just mean no lines and no crowds in the way of your fun. 

A bit of apprehension is not necessarily a bad thing on your first trip, because it can keep you sharper. Danger is not the point of helicopter skiing, but you may run in to some conditions that aren’t quite the same as being on the trail. For instance, the powder may be deeper than you are accustomed to. For this reason, training videos and talks from the guides who will accompany you can help prepare you for unique features of this experience. Soon your nervousness will turn to exhilaration as you appreciate a whole new level of freedom that skiing can offer. 

You can book beginners trips that will include more guides, coaching and a group of fellow beginners to commiserate with. The guides can even take videos of your technique so they can use them as a tool of instruction. This can be a way to ease into this sport so that fear doesn’t stand in the way of an amazing new pastime. 

What to Bring?

Equipment isn’t a large issue. Many helicopter skiing services provide any specialized gear you may need. However, make sure you remember to wear enough clothes to keep warm. You want your gloves to be waterproof and your goggles free from the tendency to get foggy. 

The Advantages

Skiing is a healthy pastime. It involves physical exercise to keep you toned, as well as time outdoors to appreciate nature. Helicopter skiing can take your ability to enjoy natural beauty to the next level by giving you the opportunity to view mountains without the distraction of crowds. You won’t be looking at all the tracks laid down by countless skiers before you that day. Instead, you will be taking in the mountain scenery in the same pristine fashion that an eagle or a mountain goat usually sees it.  

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about jostling with the masses and waiting in long lines to get to your next run. There aren’t any such distractions taking you out of the moment and away from the spell of nature. Consider helicopter skiing for your next skiing trip to explore an added dimension to an already loved sport. The memories will last a lifetime. 

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