Community Service Activities by Lecturers

Carrying out community service activities by lecturers is included in the main obligations or tasks. This task will be carried out routinely by lecturers throughout their career in the academic world. So it is important for lecturers to understand related to dedication.

In other sources it is explained that community service activities by lecturers are activities to implement research results. So, lecturers who have conducted research and have results.

Then the research results in a certain form need to be applied, applied to the community directly to get the benefits of the research results. The results of this research can be in the form of scientific theory, technology, products, and so on in various scientific fields.

In general, the following are various forms of community service activities carried out by lecturers and a number of students:

1. Educational Activities

The form of service activities that are generally given by universities or lecturer teams is educational activities. Because community service itself is the main goal of educating the wider community.
This educational activity can be in the form of arrangements, workshops, courses, counseling, campaigns, publications, projects, demonstrations, and demonstrations such as exhibitions.
Educational activities will be adjusted to the needs of the community that is the target of the community service program. For example, many people are illiterate, so a team of lecturers will step in to teach them how to read and write.

2. Service Activities

The second form of service activities by lecturers is service activities. Namely the provision of professional services by universities to people who need them.
The services provided will be adjusted to the knowledge, skills, and research results owned and carried out by the lecturers. Then the form of activity will be readjusted to the needs of the community.
As for the forms of service activities in this service, for example, such as consulting, career guidance, sports services, fostering awareness of the environment, fostering cooperatives, fostering entrepreneurship, pioneering services in the form of special skills and the like.

3. Research Result Development Activities

The third form is the activity of developing research results, namely the process of implementing or direct use of lecturer research results. Especially for applied research and prototype-based research.
Where in this research will be obtained a technology or product that can be directly utilized by the wider community. So that the application and process of introducing these findings can be carried out in community service activities.
Lecturers who do produce a product and technology, in community service activities by lecturers can choose activities to develop research results. So that the results of this study are directly and widely useful.

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