How to Effectively Use the Car Insurance Premium Calculator and Maximize Benefits

Car insurance premium calculator is an online tool used to estimate the premium you will have to pay to get your car insured, on the basis of basic information that you provide. Let’s say you Infiniti Business Contract Hire or just bought a Audi A1 Used Cars The calculator would take details like car model, variant, year of registration, place of registration and other details and provide the expected quote for various policies that meet your requirement. You can also see how purchasing add-ons would impact your premium. To take advantage of the calculator, use it to compare costs across benefits and various policies.

  1. Advantages of using a car insurance premium calculator
  2. Compare various insurance plans across benefits and premium rates
  3. Study how premium rates vary based on different variable
  4. No need to depend on an agent to compare quotes
  5. Buy insurance online within a few clicks, from the comfort of your home.

To use a ca insurance premium calculator you need the following details

  1. For used car
    • Car type
    • Fuel type
    • Registration number
    • Existing car insurance policy details
    • Details of any change in car ownership
    • Previous claim reports, if any
  2. For new cars
    • Car manufacturer
    • Vehicle model
    • Year of manufacture
    • Place of registration
    • Year of registration
    • Registration number
    • Variant
    • Fuel type
    • Personal details

Factors that affect your car insurance premium

The following factors determine the premium you will have to pay for Own Damage cover:

  1. Car make, model and variant – high end cars attract a higher premium. For example, it will cost considerably more to insure a Mercedes as compared to a Maruti Alto.
  2. Place of Registration – the premium varies with traffic density in the locality. For example, the premiums in a metropolitan area are higher than the premiums in a sub-urban area.
  3. Fuel type – diesel cars are generally considered higher maintenance than petrol vehicles, and as such attract higher premium
  4. Year of manufacture – older the car, lower is the insured declared value, and hence lower is the premium.
  5. No claim bonus – you can accumulate no claim bonus to enjoy as much as discount on your car insurance premium
  6. Voluntary deductible – by selecting higher deductible, you can lower the premiums you pay as the insurer will have to pay less in case of a loss event.

When buying a car insurance policy, remember that the premium is only one among many criteria. You should choose a plan based on other features and benefits offered, and whether they fit your insurance requirements. There is no point in buying the cheapest available cover if it will not be able to protect your financial well-being when the need arises.

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