Peculiar Hong Kong facts you need to know before paying a visit

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Hong Kong is one place where a perfect blend of new and old, western and Chinese cultures can be seen. If you’re mapping plans to fly to this place click here to check flights. And even before that, you need to know some distinctive facts before you land in this marvelous city. 

It is cruelly hot and humid most of the time: 

This is a place with a distinctive climate. When locals say it’s summer probably you can as well see rains and clouds. Humid subtropical is the official name given for climate here which means you experience dry and rainy days. One can see clouds covering while the sun is soaring during afternoons and come evening showers touch you but still there’s humidity.  

Homes a few of the renowned street lives of the globe:

Different skin textures and varied customs fill the vibrant streets in this city, sidewalks are always happening. In fact, the whole shopping is found on these sidewalks. You see people moving like disciplined ants where they shop, eat and watch people and events happening all at once. Almost all the neighborhoods have some kind of wet market atmosphere where vendors cut both land meat types and seafoods side by side. 

Taste some of the unique street foods on these pavements and you will know why the world goes crazy for Hong Kong street food.  

Besides tasty food, you must also try a fortune-teller as these predictions are mostly accurate. See that you don’t miss clicking your camera often to capture the moments. 

You will spend more money than planned: 

Hong Kong is expensive and no one needs to have any doubts about this and it being one of the few places across the globe where you find Gucci stores side by side spending more than your budget is not a wonder. When you end shopping at expensive malls you will have to spend more than that to rest in luxury hotels. 

A meal at a busiest place or mall can easily rip $100 for two and local items can easily exceed the one at Paris or New York City. 

English will take you far but not too far:  

With British legacy and Chinese domination world’s two most spoken languages-English & Chinese are good enough for comfortable touring but at times these two may not come for your rescue. In the majority of the city’s places Cantonese is the daily language and it is here that you will face a little bit of problem. 

Especially the street-side businessmen prefer speaking local languages but still, most of them understand English too. The menus in restaurants are bilingual displaying items in local language and English. 

Probably the toughest part is to speak with aged roadside vendors and fortune-tellers. 

Use the MTR system:

As said Hong Kong is costly and one way to save your expenses is through cutting expenses on your travel by using the MTR, an always expanding clean and timely train lines that run below most of the city parts. Rely on these for your within the city navigation and prefer taxis only when they are needed the most as they can easily make you low on your budget and also make you wait hours if you get stuck in a traffic jam. 

Metro trains are plenty and also connect most of the destinations. One more good part the stations see 1train every 3-minute so what more do we want. Even the MTR stations are air-conditioned and you have stores of all varieties. 

Not to always pull your purse to pay for the ticket buy a pre-paid Octopus Card for these train journeys. They are economical and also convenient. 

It has SAR status: 

For the majority of people, the biggest question that hits them when they plan a Hong Kong trip is- can I use social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on and the answer is yes at least for now. 

Although Hong Kong is under China administration it has SAR status and so few of the most oppressive restrictions found in China don’t apply here and one amongst them is you can use most of the social media websites. 

To windup, most people think there’s no nightlife in Hong Kong which is not totally true. Yes, it does have but not as much as Tokyo and Bangkok of course who wants nightlife when there’s no time for a day-life itself in this happening land. 

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