What’s inside the pyramids of Giza?

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“See history comes alive before your eyes”. Perfectly oriented to the points of the compass, it is lately thought that the pyramid was not just a tomb, but an awake observant to the movement of the stars and mapping the sky. Such astronomical function was supported by the design of the pyramid whether from outside, when the white limestone and the golden cap were shining in the bright Egyptian sun, or inside the pyramids, where the passageways were genuine connected to the top of the massive structure. Up till the 19th century, the Great Pyramid was the tallest building in the world. And in the bygone days the massive structure was easy to be found from a far distance and one can watch the sites around in a dark night when he stood beside the pyramid. Inside the pyramids are long corridors and large openings. Has the Great Pyramid another function beside the above mentioned? We will get an answer when we discover more of its interior.

Why is the pyramids’ interior is wonder of the world?

The wonder exists in the not yet solved mystery. As complicated as the mummification, the architecture of the pyramids still baffle the archaeologists. For millennia the pyramids have stood almost untouched in the desert and despite the scientific expeditions that has been made in the last century, we still do not know so much about the long-lost chambers of the Great pyramid. The Great Pyramid is a house like puzzle pieces, where the scientists have not yet given up hope to find untold treasures in one of the hidden rooms. “Until the scientific evidence can enlighten us, we will remain in the dark about what other rooms might or might not be inside the pyramids of Giza.” BBC. What makes the pyramids more and more mysterious is that we discover every day a new tomb with new treasures for a king who was not buried in a pyramid. This idea brings the question of “what the undiscovered chambers inside the great structures might hold.” You walk through a labyrinth of corridors and chambers. Why do the alternative theories still replace the concrete results? And when the high-tech equipment can tell us no certain facts, the puzzling architecture has then secrets we cannot count. It is worth a visit. The pleasure always pays time and effort.

What was discovered up till now?

A cross-section of the pyramids will show the discovered passageways. The Great Pyramid has three burial chambers; the Queen’s Chamber, the King’s Chamber and the Subterranean Chamber. Enter the pyramid from the “Modern” Entrance. Above the junction of ascending and descending corridors there is an opening hole in the ceiling which leads to an ascending passageway. That is the famous “Grand Gallery”. At the top of it, there is a short passage which ended with a large room known as the “King’s Chamber”. The huge granite royal sarcophagus centers the empty room. Back to the starting point, descend the passageway, you will find yourself deep in a horizontal passage which leads to a small square room known as the “Queen’s Chamber”, although it was not built for the queen. The Air Shafts have a vital role of making the King’s and Queen’s Chambers air a bit. Continue to the descending passage, the subterranean Chamber is located directly beneath the pyramid and, like the Queen’s Chamber, its purpose is unknown.

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