The new boat brand Veer aims to attract modern, tech-savvy boaters. Offering user-friendly features, the Veer X13 is designed to handle an electric outboard motor.

Veer is a new boat brand designing boats for those who want to go electric on the water. From the engineering team at Lund Boats, the first model is a 13-footer. The Veer X13 launched at CES this week, aiming the new line at the next generation of boaters.

Veer X13 electric boat

This is the 18th boat brand from parent company Brunswick, the largest pleasure boat company in the world. So it’s no fly-by-night startup. The company has plenty of experience on lakes, rivers, and streams. The big corporate backing is why it was designed by the engineering team at industry leader Lund Boats.

Veer X13 Electric Boat: New Brand, Plenty of Experience

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Concussion recognition and treatment has gotten a lot of attention over the last decade, mostly in the context of youth and professional sports such as tackle football and soccer. It’s even a topic for those who serve in our armed forces. However, confusion over its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment remains widespread. 

In an interview with a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times, former National Football League quarterback Brett Favre, who was knocked out cold only once in his 20-year career, claimed that “probably 90 percent” of the tackles he endured left him with a concussion.

He’s most likely correct in that estimation. After all, the definition of “concussion” is broad: “A concussion is a brain injury, a disturbance in brain function induced by traumatic forces, either from a direct blow to the head or a transmitted force from a blow to the body.” It disrupts brain function at the cellular

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Outward Bound did not come into Mike Stanley’s life as a 14-year-old middle school student or during a gap year in college. Mike found Outward Bound, and ultimately himself, as a 54-year-old.  

It was 1987 and Mike knew he needed and wanted more. As a 29-year Wall Street veteran, Mike was leading a life commuting for an hour and a half to and from New York City every day. His weekends were his escape when he and his family would spend them whitewater canoeing, sailing, or skiing.  

By 1988 he knew he needed a change. He enrolled on a cross-country skiing and dog sledding Outward Bound course in January in Minnesota. Through the negative 40-degree temperatures and the physical challenge of plunging into an ice hole in frigid temperatures, Mike’s experience proved life-changing. 

At the end of his course, Mike applied to three Outward Bound Schools to be an

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When it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen, there are definitely some things that you will want to incorporate into the design. Here are three things to consider when designing your outdoor kitchen.

3 Things To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Protection From The Elements

When you are initially designing your outdoor kitchen, you want to make sure that you have an ample amount of protection from the elements. The reason why this is so important is because you are going to get a lot of diverse weather outside, such as wind and rain. This type of weathering can be damaging to your outdoor kitchen, so you want to do all that you can to try and avoid it as much as possible. Placing your kitchen securely underneath your patio cover can help you to avoid this issue.


Having an outdoor kitchen is amazing, but you also want to make sure that it has a great layout

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Patrik Orcutt   01.02.23

AllOutdoor Review – 5.11 PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts Mini Review

Let me just make this review really easy for you, 5.11 makes trainer shorts, and they rock! There has been a shift in the tactical market in the last ten years to start incorporating athletic equipment and gear into the forefront of their marketing. It’s like people finally realized that having a physically fit body was as, if not more important than having a rifle and gear that they hardly ever actually use. Back in September 5.11 sent me some goodies for testing and in all honesty, the PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts were probably at the bottom of the list in regards to what I was excited about testing. Fast Forward a few months and countless gym sessions later and I have really come to enjoy using these shorts in the gym and on the hiking trails. 

The PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts were provided by 5.11 for

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