There’s a new shoe brand in town! Hilma aims to revolutionize running shoes with its new fit technology.

Yesterday, a new brand called Hilma launched its first women’s running shoe using “mass personalization.” The brand was inspired by the notion that bras shouldn’t be one size fits all — and neither should running shoes.

Ultramarathon runner Brooke Torres founded Hilma, a women-focused brand, in 2019. At ultramarathon distances, Torres found the basic approach of other running shoes was not good enough. And it didn’t take her long to do something about it.

Her new brand is backed by some of the biggest performance brands in athletic footwear, including Jeanne Jackson, former president of Nike, and Jason Jacobs, founder and former CEO of RunKeeper.


And while Hilma is using mass personalization to

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Just obtaining an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license opens a world of career possibilities both inside and out of the medical field. Sure, you have to put in the effort, but the opportunities are as diverse as our EMT students here at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE).

Fact is, we receive applications from students from all walks and stages of life, who successfully complete our EMT training program and go on to use that EMT training for a variety of opportunities. Some become full- or part-time EMTs, others use this outstanding training and education as a steppingstone for medical or nursing school. And then there are the outdoor enthusiasts who use this EMT training to become Ski Patrollers or members of Search and Rescue crews, or to add an additional layer of medical expertise when guiding groups on mountaineering and backcountry expeditions.

Maybe you’ve been an

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So, you just found out you have to give up your phone while on your Outward Bound expedition. GASP. We know you are probably dealing with a lot of shock and maybe a tinge of resentment and anger. That’s okay because we know you will soon come to love this time without it. 

We’re here to assure you that it will all be okay. You won’t miss out on any TikTok trends, your algorithm will not be messed up by a couple days, weeks, months of inactivity, and for all those followers you might be worried about losing, forget them, you’ll have a whole crew of people to replace them with when you return! 

We know, this all sounds just like the same speech your parent just gave you, but you just still don’t understand WHY? 

fun away from phone in oregon

Photo by Jeremy Fox.

Well, Soon-To-Be Outward Bounder, Here Are 10 Reasons Why:

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When designing pool shapes, there are several things to consider: maintenance and cleaning, sunlight exposure, construction and labor, and aesthetics. While a free-form shaped pool will make your backyard stand out from others, sometimes a rectangular shaped pool provides many benefits that you aren’t even aware of.

Here are the main differences between rectangular and free-form shaped pools that will help you choose the right pool for your backyard.

Rectangular vs Free-Form: Which Pool is Best for your Backyard?

Rectangular Pools


  • More common than free-form pools.
  • Rectangular pools cost less to install than free-form pools.


  • Rectangular pools are not as natural-looking as free-form pools.
  • Rectangular pools can look smaller than they are because of their shape.

Large rectangular pools are often used for lap swimming, while smaller ones can be used for family recreation or just lounging in a beautiful backyard. These pools are typically larger than their free-form counterparts, which means you’ll need a bigger backyard to

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Social Space – Children are naturally social beings and areas such as a platform or stage can be transformed by the addition of loose parts or props, enhancing imagination and social opportunities. Our gazebos, pergolas or thatches make for a great stage or platform.

Creative Space – Facilitating open ended, unstructured opportunities to be creative is invaluable. A range of materials, resources and loose parts encourages children to create, design and construct. They use their imagination and cognitive abilities to invent and engineer, mastering their own creations. This type of learning reinforces independence and develops a sense of accomplishment.

Exploration Space – Providing sand pits, digging patches, sensory gardens, frog ponds, magnifying glasses, binoculars, all provoke children’s curiosity and encourage exploration. If we can stimulate curiosity we are encouraging a child’s innate passion for life-long learning.

Nature Space – Interacting with nature is crucial in today’s hectic over-scheduled lifestyles. Being

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