2 Great Days in Canberra with Family

Sydney to Canberra Small-Group Day Trip with Parliament House 2020

Canberra may not be as busy as Sydney, but the Australian capital has many interesting tourist attractions. Traveling in Canberra for 2 days with your family is guaranteed to be fun!

The capital of Australia has various tourist attractions that are fun to visit with family. Here’s the route for a 2 day trip in Canberra with family:

1. Day 1 in the morning: Lake Burley Griffin

Your first day in Canberra can be started with a bike ride or a leisurely walk along Lake Burley Griffin. The lake is in the center of Canberra City, covering an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 664 hectares.

The lake area is open all the time, so if you want to have breakfast while having a picnic on the edge, you can. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and the breeze can make the morning feel more beautiful.

If you want to get on a boat and sail on the lake, you can. If you are with children who want to learn to fish, facilities for these activities are also available here.

2. Day 2 afternoon: Questacon

After relaxing by the lake, continue the journey to Questacon-The National Science and Technology Center at King Edward Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600. It is located on the south side of Lake Burley Griffin.

Questacon is home to more than 200 interactive exhibits on science and technology. There are many booths and rides that present a variety of interesting science experiments, which are easy to learn and understand. Not only children, adults will definitely be entertained here.

3. Day 3 pm: Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is one of the popular museums among tourists in Canberra. This museum was built by the Australian government to honor and commemorate the services of heroes who have died.

The museum depicts the struggles of Australian heroes when carrying out war missions and even dealing with conflicts abroad. In the center of the building there is also an eternal fire which symbolizes the spirit and merit of the heroes.

Various facilities for the convenience of visitors are also complete, such as super clean toilets, cafes and souvenir shops.

4. Day 2 in the morning: National Zoo and Aquarium

A vacation ideas to Australia is certainly not complete without meeting typical animals such as koalas and kangaroos. So, start the second day of sightseeing by visiting the National Zoo and Aquarium.

The zoo is located at 999 Lady Denman Dr, Weston Creek. From downtown Canberra is also close, only about 5 minutes. While here, you and your family can meet a wide variety of Australian animals up close.

As for marine animals, live in a saltwater aquarium which is the largest in Australia. Adventure at the zoo can be even more exciting by trying out a fun safari or picnic while playing with the animals. Don’t be afraid, because the safety is guaranteed.

5. Day 2 noon: National Dinosaur Museum

In order for the adventure to be more complete, after leaving the zoo, continue the journey to the National Dinosaur Museum. The museum depicts how dinosaurs lived and formed in the past.

Dinosaur fossils and other ancient animals are on display here. There are also many robots made to look like real dinosaurs. Dinosaurs also seemed to come to life in this museum. Cool!

The museum is located at Cnr Gold Creek Road and Barton Highway, Nicholls.

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