5 Tips to Get Toyota Insurance Online

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturer with its headquarters at Toyota city of Japan. From the revenue point of view, Toyota Motor Corporation is the 6th largest automobile company in the world. The company was established in the year 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyota Motors offers all the different types of cars such as hatchbacks, sedans, MPVs, SUVs, hybrid cars and electric cars in India. Toyota cars are up to the mark on safety standards and they follow all the safety norms implemented by the government of India.

According to the Motor law act, having a third-party liability cover is mandatory for all the vehicles in India. And as per the section 196 of the amended motor vehicle act, the vehicle owner needs to pay a fine of 2000 rupees in case he/ she is driving without an insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry in this case, and there is no better way to ensure your safety than buying an insurance for your vehicle.

Here are the 5 tips that will help you in selecting Toyota insurance policy in India

1. Make sure that you avail a comprehensive cover

The third party liability cover which has been made mandatory by the government, do not cover your car or you as a driver, they only cover the damage inflicted on the third party. If you want yourself and your car to be covered for accidents/ theft or other type of damage, you need to get a comprehensive cover.

2. Compare the premium and deductibles

Premium is the amount that the policy holders need to pay to the insurance provider from time to time, to keep the policy valid. Deductibles are the amount a policy holder needs to pay to the insurance provider at the time of claim settlement. It is important to compare them before choosing for a Toyota insurance policy.

3. Check if add-on coverage is available

Reputed insurance providers such as Bharti AXA offer many add-on packages such as Depreciation Cover, Key Replacement, Hospital Cash, Roadside Assistance Cover, Engine and Gearbox Cover and Consumables Cover. You should choose the policy and the add-ons wisely, to suit your driving style and traffic conditions.

4. Learn what is not covered in the policy

More than what is covered in the car insurance policy you should think about what aspects are not covered. Costs such as gradual wear and tear of spare parts, loss or damage to the car while a person without a license is driving or when driver is under intoxication, etc, are some of the circumstances that not covered in the car insurance policy.

5. Understand the process of filing claims

The filing of insurance claims has been so much easier these days, thanks to the mobile apps and internet. The best car insurance in India would be the one which offers instant claim filing and processing using the technology. But there may be a limit of time for filing the claim after the incident, and you should know the correct procedure.

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