6 Asian Countries Starting to Reopen for Tourism in 2021

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many countries have been on a total lockdown. People’s opinions in Suomiarvostelut show that many were unable to leave their homes for months. However, as the coronavirus is gradually receding, many countries now embrace more flexible and relieving rules.

This has allowed many people to engage in domestic travels. Some also travel out of the continent for professional purposes. A few Asian countries are reopening their borders for tourists. The countries are giving reopening dates and new Visa regulations. This has allowed easy preparation for Matkaporssi from Finlandto Asia. Some of the countries that are reopening, while trying to contain the COVID-19 spread, are:

  1. Singapore: This country in Southeast Asia is open to tourists from selected countries. They permit tourists from low-risk countries and test them right before they integrate with the people. Singapore has already welcomed tourists in minimal numbers through its ease of border restrictions. Tourists from New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Australia, Vietnam, and a few others are now trooping into Singapore. Although international tourists are still quite disallowed, the changes in the border restrictions show that soon, international tourists will be allowed.
  2. Thailand: Tourists must have a Certificate of Entry (CEO) before entry into Thailand. They must also have a minimum health insurance coverage of $100,000 for their medical costs. Before they can be permitted into the country, they must tender proof that they have booked accommodations. They are also quarantined for two weeks in an approved hotel by the government. International tourists must tender a negative COVID-19 test result issued 72 hours before their arrival at the Thailand borders.
  3. Cambodia: Cambodia could be seen to have the strictest health measures in Asia so far. They require that travelers make a hefty deposit of $3,000 for health insurance and quarantine protocols. Starting since May 2020, Cambodia has allowed tourists from the US, Germany, Spain, Iran, France, etc. A tourist must issue a COVID-19 negative test report of no more than 72 hours before arrival.
  4. Laos: Although Laos is closed for international tourists, the government issued visas to experts, diplomats and investors. Foreign travelers also go through a compulsory 14-day quarantine in a government-approved resort. With COVID-19 cases still discovered in the country, these measures are to ensure complete adherence to the safety rules and regulations.
  5. Malaysia: Although the borders are closed till March 2021, some sets of people are allowed. Travelers like medical tourists, diplomats, and experts are allowed into the country. They need a valid passport that facilitates their stay in the country. Those with essential businesses are also allowed into Malaysia. However, they must undergo a compulsory COVID-19 test, after which they are quarantined for 14 days.
  6. Indonesia: Opened in mid-January, the country allows domestic tourists into the country. As with other countries, a negative result of the COVID-19 test must be tendered after which a 14-days quarantine follows.

Other countries set to open include China, the Philippines, Maldives, and a few others.

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