Preparing for Monsoons at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona

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With summer officially here, it is time for some crazy monsoon weather bringing high winds, dust, haboobs, and lots of rain with thunderstorms. The Southwest is known for hosting a number of monsoons during the summer months, especially in the town of Glendale, which is home to Luke Air Force Base.

Dust Storms

If you just spoke with a Luke AFB realtor and are new to the area, you need to know what to expect when a monsoon hits. Haboobs are very common during monsoons. A Haboob is a wall of billowing dust and they happen a lot in Arizona during the summer. They usually occur in the late afternoon and make for some bad driving conditions. It is best to stay off the road when you know there is a chance for a haboob.


Rain is also another common occurrence during monsoons. It is still very hot out, but in the late afternoon it starts to get humid and muggy. The increased rainfall during monsoons can result in flash floods, causing dangerous road conditions. The streets in Arizona are just not made to handle excessive rain. Additionally, nearby dry washes can fill and become rivers in mere seconds. Arizona normally receives half of their annual precipitation during the summer months.

With rain, the chance of lightning and thunder increases. The lightning may cause power lines to go down and cut out electricity in some neighborhoods. It is important to be prepared and always have candles and flashlights handy. It is important to stay inside when there is lightning outside. 

Being Prepared

The storms typically start in July and last through September. The thunder clouds are fueled by the daytime heat, building up during the late afternoon and evening, but usually dissipate by late night. It is important to stay safe during these storms.

Always plan ahead and pay attention to the forecasts. Never try to venture out when a storm is coming. When driving through flood waters, turn around and try to get to higher grounds. If you are driving through a small storm at night, always be extra cautious. There may be times that a dust storm comes out of nowhere. When getting stuck in a dust storm and driving, remember to pull over to the side of the road. Put your vehicle in park, use your parking break, and turn off your headlights and taillights. If there is thunder and lightning near, always go indoors and stay away from the windows. Remember the saying–when the thunder roars, go indoors!

Working with a Realtor in Glendale

If you are considering moving to the Glendale area, work closely with one of the realtors near Luke AFB to make sure that you are finding the right home for you. Julie Calza is a trusted realtor that will offer you the guidance you need to relocate and will help you find the right house to call home. Julie Calza serves active members, reserve members, and DOD affiliates at Luke Air Force Base, offering advice and knowledge on the process of buying a new home in the area.

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