Tips for Climbing the Mountain for Beginners

For the sake of security and safety during mountain climbing, there are several things that beginners must pay attention to. Reporting from detikTravel, here are 7 tips for climbing the mountain for new, inexperienced climbers. Read carefully before leaving.

Make Intentions

Ask yourself again, is the intention to climb this mountain just a follow-up or because you have harbored a desire for a long time? Make up your mind first. If the intention to climb is only half-hearted, you will often complain on the way and become a burden to your friends.

Set Goals, Research Later

Since this hike is your first time, choose a mountain that has a gentle hiking trail and is not too high. So you just walk uphill and learn to catch your breath. After that learn the character of the mountain and the hiking trail. Many articles or content on social media that review it.

Prepare Mentally and Physically

Prepare your mental to face all the possibilities that will happen in the wild. With a strong mentality, climbers do not easily panic when experiencing obstacles in the middle of climbing.

Prepare physically too. At least a week before climbing you must regularly exercise such as jogging and others. The goal is that your muscles and respiratory organs are not surprised when you have to face extra conditions while climbing.

It is not recommended for those who have a history of respiratory disease to climb the mountain.

Must Invite Friends

Beginner climbers must invite friends who are experienced and have climbed the mountain in question. In addition to not getting lost, during the trip you can learn how to climb safe tips and tricks from these friends.

Read Weather Forecast

Climbing the mountain is ideally done during the dry season. With dry natural conditions, at least it can reduce the risk of unwanted. Avoid climbing during the rainy season because the hiking trail is slippery, prone to storms and landslides.

Please read the weather forecast first before deciding on the departure schedule.

Equipment and Supplies

Preparations and supplies that must be brought depend on the location chosen, how many people will be leaving, and already forecasting weather conditions. Because climbing together is team work. You and your friends can share the burden that will be carried. Starting from tents, portable stoves, cooking utensils, and others.

For personal use, don’t forget to bring a flashlight, mattress, sleeping bag, and coat. It could be sunny below, but in the middle of the climb it rained.

Parental Permission, Tell Closest People

Ask for permission and ask for blessings from parents before leaving. Explain in detail about your climbing plan, starting from when to start climbing from basecamp up to planning to go down. This is to anticipate if something unexpected happens in the middle of the climb.

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