Tips To Make The Most Of Your Lanai Snorkeling Trip

When people visit Hawaii they want to enjoy every aspect of the world-famous beaches. Lanai snorkeling is one of the most popular attractions for local residents and tourists alike. For beginners, there may be a slight bit of fear before the first dive but is normal when exploring somewhere and something new. That fear will disappear very quickly after seeing a whole new world of unimaginable beauty. Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the best experience out of your snorkeling endeavor.

Relax- Many first time snorkelers tend to get overstimulated, whether it be from nerves, fears, or just excitement when they head down for their first dive. This can turn into over-exaggerated motions, which can cause fatigue much sooner than if they just stay calm and essentially float around the water. Not only will staying relaxed help to conserve energy, but it will help keep the surrounding aqua life calm and more willing to stick around while strangers explore their home.

No Touching- It is frowned upon to just go into someone’s home and just start touching their furniture or even them as a person, so why would it be okay to go into these animals’ home and try to touch them? There will be some amazing, colorful, vibrant wildlife to observe, but it is definitely not good to touch them. The coral may look as sturdy as a rock, but it definitely isn’t, it is a living organism that is very sensitive.

Use Sunscreen- This is more of a protective measure for the snorkelers as opposed to helping protect the area they are exploring. Anytime someone spends a lot of time outside it is important to layer up on the sunscreen. It is especially important while snorkeling because while being in the middle of the ocean the sun is so much stronger and it can be easier to get sunburnt in a shorter period of time. Although Hawaii has banned certain sunscreens due to the chemicals, so that is something that needs to be considered when snorkeling.

Check Weather Conditions- It is best to go snorkeling when the weather is calm. Surges and waves should be low, with a clear forecast. It is best to reschedule for a different day than try to tough out the bad weather.

Practice With Your Equipment- Even if it is just a few minutes before heading out for the actual expedition, it is a good idea to get a feel for the equipment. This makes it easier to know what every piece does and how it works. It can be odd to swim in the scuba gear, so it is definitely good to get used to it before heading out for an adventure.

Stay Hydrated- Snorkeling is a pretty intense activity; it’s not as hardcore as Crossfit, but it will definitely exert more energy than laying by the pool. It is important to stay hydrated to help avoid cramps and discomfort that can be brought on by the brutal Hawaiin sun.

Snorkeling is one of the biggest attractions when visitors come to town. There are plenty of different companies to choose from when signing up for a snorkeling endeavor. The prices can vary from 100 dollars to 150 dollars depending on if it is half a day or a whole day. There can be discounted prices for children under 12 years old with some companies. Some places even include refreshments and reef friendly sunscreen.

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