Top 10 Best Outdoor Hiker Wear You Should Own:

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Hiking is the ultimate adventure for thrill seekers which is why most people love hiking. However as much as hiking introduces you to the beauties of wildly varying terrain, it also exposes your body to a wide variety of different environmental conditions – from extreme cold, rain to intense heat from the sun.

You need to have clothing to protect you from all of these variations but still be light enough to avoid exhausting you early enough. While choosing hiking clothes your focus should be on efficiency and weight. Here are some of the best picks for you from dxl store reviews:

Hiking Footwear

Most people will advise you to go for trail runners since they are lightweight and are breathable. However, my experience has always made lean heavily towards hiking boots, especially those that have ankle support. Hiking boots such as these rated by dxl stores are very efficient for long distance hikers. They have a strong lug sole for extra stability and traction while being made out of durable materials so that you can stomp through troublesome bushes or stony/sandy areas. The boots recommended above have been reviewed highly on review online shopping sites. The midsole is EVA rated meaning your soles will have soft treatment during the course of your hike.


You need warm socks but breathable and flexible ones to allow comfortable walking. Remember the more comfortable you are the longer you can hike effortlessly. Wool or merino cloth socks are the best for hiking. You need two pairs of socks; one light short pair to wear while you hike, and one heavy pair to wear for the nights you camp out in the woods. 


A warm nice woolen beanie hat will keep your head warm during cold days or nights. It is also prudent to find a wide brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun’s heat or a simple cap if you are a man. 


You need two types of jackets:

  • A synthetic jacket/down jacket – this cloth will help you retain heat when it’s cold but it is still breathable for when daytime heat gets intense.
  • A rain-jacket – this gets useful when it rains especially for hikers who explore hilly regions. Get a waterproof material that prevents moisture from soaking you all over.


Woolen or merino underwear is the best for hiking conditions. Get yourself seamless underwear that is breathable and flexible for added comfort and an easy journey.


  • Warm woolen gloves are enough protection against frostbite when snow falls unexpectedly.
  • Mittens also provide protection and warmth while allowing flexibility.

Hiking Pants

You need tough, synthetic nylon or woolen pants to provide leg protection against branches, bushes or thorns. Synthetic nylon is quick drying, durable, flexible and light on you.


A pullover is layered after the t-shirt but before the jacket. The best materials for a pullover are wool, merino or fleece. Merino is the best though the most expensive.

Hiking Shirt

This shirt should be long-sleeved, light but can provide warmth when need be. Polyester shirts are the best pick since they offer these advantages at low costs.


You need a nice, UV filtering, durable set of eyewear. These will prevent dust, small bugs and dry leaves from getting into your eyes and causing irritation. UV rays are also harmful to you so get a pair that filters this type of light out.

Your hike will be infinitely easier and fun if you are equipped with these favorites. Have fun!

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