Use Limestone Tiles In Different Styles And Create Distinctive Themes In The House

Limestone tiles consist of materials like magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate. They have a rough texture which suits all areas of home renovation projects. You can use these materials in colours from white to brown. You can get a stunning effect when you use the materials in different layouts. If you do not like the same designs in all areas of the house, you can install them in different ways. Let me give you some of the layout designs which you can use for home decoration purposes.


Pure white

This design is well suited for the bathrooms to get a classical look with all-white limestone floor tiles. Since this is a universal colour, you can make them stay for several decades as they do not go out of fashion. Another advantage of using these designs is that you can get the bathrooms accessories in all colours as they complement white. So, they decrease your work to search accessories in colour which matches the tiles. For a contrasting appearance, you can add white hues to them.


When you need a unique design with these tiles, then you can use these materials to build mosaic patterns. You can create this pattern by using more number of tiles in different shapes for an abstract design. You can change the mosaic patterns according to your wish and taste.


This is a common style to enhance any dull space into an endearing one. To build a checker board pattern, you need two colours. Most of them use black and white colours to get a classic effect in the room. When you need a modern look, you can use bright greens and blues. You can also choose other two colors according to your taste. You should place them in alternative ways for getting this effect.

Two-toned wall tiles

Many homeowners use two different colours and designs for the bathroom walls. The top wall is a little lighter in hue than the bottom tiles. You can use colours for the walls but with different shades. You can also choose two colours which are more pleasant to the eyes. When you use colours of the same tone they give a good-looking appearance.

Mix and match

For a modern appearance to your bathrooms, you can use different colors and patterns in one space. You can mix the thin rectangular tiles with fat rectangular tiles to get a latest appearance. You can get an appealing look in the room with this different style. You can get a livelier appearance than a boring look. You can also mismatch different sizes of tiles in the same space.

You can experiment with all these patterns to get a different look in different areas. These different appearances with Limestone tiles, give a stunning effect to the interiors and exteriors. You can enhance the surrounding appearance with these wonderful materials.

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