2023 Anon M4.S Goggle Review: Securely Snap Into a Dozen Stellar Lens Options

Anon’s latest goggles not only have the brand’s high-contrast lens technology and magnetic interchange system, but also a slimmer, women’s-specific fit — and a ton of lens options.

I am someone with not-perfect vision, and a job that puts me at risk for lots of eye strain (staring at a computer). I also read a lot. For me, maintaining healthy vision is pretty important, and when it comes to skiing or snowboarding, it is even more so.

I can think back to a decade ago when I was caught in a whiteout storm and didn’t have the right lenses (or maybe, just not good ones). And let me tell you, skiing is much less fun when you can’t see.

Having the right lenses, an anti-fog coating, proper UV protection, polarization, and a prescription if applicable is all ultra-important when it comes to goggles.

We tested the 2022-23 Anon M4.S goggle for a few weeks this past spring — the goggles deliver a great fit across the face, and meshed well with several different models of ski helmets. But the best part about these goggles isn’t just the women’s fit.

In short: This goggle offers the same high-end performance as the M4 model in a frame scaled down for smaller faces. In addition, the M4.S goggles give wearers the option to switch between Toric and Cylindrical lenses, and nine different Perceive lenses with 6-72% VLT (category 1, 2, 3, or 4 lens options).

As far as women’s snow goggles go, these offer some of the highest adaptability and variety we’ve seen yet.

Anon M4.S Goggle Review

Mary Murphy wearing the Anon M4S with Percieve Lens Goggles
The author wearing the Anon M4S Goggle with the Perceive Violet lens; (photo/Jason Hummel)

The Anon M4.S immediately provided a comfortable fit on my smaller-than-average face. At $320, they are a bit more expensive than the previous women’s version, the Anon WM3 ($275), but I also think they are an upgrade.

The lenses are stellar and provide great contrast. I struggle with vision and visibility in low light conditions, and I was very happy with how the Perceive lenses performed.

Also, the price includes two lenses (one main and one bonus lens), and you can choose from a combo of colors that work in sunny, cloudy, or variable conditions. There’s a variable violet, blue, or green, and then your choice of a bonus less for sunnier or cloudier (even nighttime) conditions. The VLT for the lens options range from 6% to 72%.

Included are an MFI face mask, microfiber goggle storage bag, and lens case. If you haven’t yet tried Burton/Anons MFI technology, this is all you need to know: the MFI mask creates the perfect seal attaching just below the goggles.

The whole system is pretty snazzy, and the fit and function are great.

Compared to other models, the 2023 Anon M4.S added more magnets for a more secure attachment. These goggles, again, are one of the first ones I’ll reach back to this winter.

And not just because of the lens quality and comfort, but because the magnetic swap feature is both easy (with gloves or mittens, or one-handed) yet secure — a tricky balance for goggles to achieve.

Anon M4.S Specs

  • Frame: 9 high-strength magnetic attachment points
  • Lens: Perceive violet and onyx lenses (S2, S4 category)
  • Lens style: Toric or cylindrical
  • MFI-compatible: Yes
  • Venting: Yes (top, bottom, and perimeter)
anon goggles lens
The Anon Perceive Onyx lens for sunny conditions with 6% VLT; (photo/Jason Hummel)


If I had to pick, I preferred the cylindrical goggle version, but if you think the Anon M4.S is right for you, you can’t go wrong with either.

I really enjoyed testing and wearing these goggles with multiple lens options, in a variety of conditions this spring. They fit well, are comfortable for long hours and days in the snow, and the quality of the lenses is stellar.

I’ve never had them fog up, mask or no mask. The lenses are easy to swap out, and I liked the number of options Anon has for 2023.

Add onto that the magnetic-face integration — and the Anon M4.S goggles are well worth the price.

Check M4.S Toric Goggle Price at AnonCheck M4.S Cylindrical Goggle Price at Anon

anon M4.S goggles, spare lens, and matching lavender face mask lying in the snow
The Anon M4.S Goggles (cylindrical), spare magnetic lens, and MFI magnetic face mask; (photo/Mary Murphy)
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