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Long touted for offering hybrid EMT instruction in North Carolina, The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) is now offering Hybrid EMT training in Oregon. 

This highly effective 21-day EMT training includes 10 days of virtual instruction delivered online, followed by 11 days of hands-on, practical training in Oregon’s Tygh Valley. The program offers an ideal format for college students, premed students, working professionals, and anyone else who appreciates the flexibility of learning in a fast-paced hybrid format.

Whether you choose a hybrid EMT training program that features in-person, hands-on skills training in Oregon or North Carolina, your NCOAE training and experience will include the following:

Before your course begins: We’ll ask you to complete up to 30 hours of asynchronous web-based training using our online eLearning platform. The benefit to this approach is having the opportunity to learn at your own pace. That means the 25-30 hours of training can be started and completed based on your schedule, not ours.

Virtual instruction: Once you complete the self-learning phase, you’ll enter our virtual instruction phase. Considered Days 1-10 of your Hybrid EMT training, this is where you’ll participate in live lectures and activities that are conducted remotely — in real time — online utilizing our eLearning platform. Once you successfully pass your required module exams and a comprehensive final exam, you’ll be approved for the next phase in your EMT training.

In-person, hands-on skills training: Once you arrive in Oregon or North Carolina for Days 11-15 of your training, you’ll begin to apply everything you’ve picked up so far and put it all together, learning to assess and treat a variety of medical emergencies in a hands-on experiential setting.

Psychomotor testing: If you choose our North Carolina location for your in-person practical training, students undergo and complete a Technical Scope of Practice evaluation. Here, on Day 16, you’ll demonstrate what you’ve learned by completing full scenarios involving assessment, treatment, and transport of a patient undergoing a medical emergency.

Clinical and field experience: All NCOAE EMT students complete 48 hours of clinical time in the area emergency department and on-board EMS ambulances. With that in mind, the focus of Days 16-20 for Oregon students (Days 17-20 for North Carolina students) is to allow you to apply your new skills in real life under the guidance of trained healthcare practitioners.

Graduation: The last day of your training — Day 21 — is a chance for us to celebrate your success. Here, you’ll receive your certificate of completion, take a few pictures with your classmates, give and receive some hugs and high-fives, and prepare for your journey home.

We should also mention that when you arrive at NCOAE in either Oregon or North Carolina, you’ll have 24-hour access to our restrooms, shower facilities, kitchenette, wi-fi, and on-site classrooms. Housing options include staying on site with fellow students in a rustic cabin, pitching your own tent, or exploring a variety of local rental and hotel options. Gaining the skills necessary to become certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in Oregon, North Carolina, and other states around the country is made easy with our 21-Day Hybrid EMT Training Course, which has open training dates and locations throughout the year. To learn more about our Hybrid EMT Training in Oregon and North Carolina, or to register for an upcoming course, please visit our Intensive EMT (Hybrid) webpage or call our office anytime during East Coast business hours at (910) 399-8090.

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