AllOutdoor Review – 5.11 PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts Mini Review

Patrik Orcutt   01.02.23

AllOutdoor Review – 5.11 PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts Mini Review

Let me just make this review really easy for you, 5.11 makes trainer shorts, and they rock! There has been a shift in the tactical market in the last ten years to start incorporating athletic equipment and gear into the forefront of their marketing. It’s like people finally realized that having a physically fit body was as, if not more important than having a rifle and gear that they hardly ever actually use. Back in September 5.11 sent me some goodies for testing and in all honesty, the PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts were probably at the bottom of the list in regards to what I was excited about testing. Fast Forward a few months and countless gym sessions later and I have really come to enjoy using these shorts in the gym and on the hiking trails. 

The PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts were provided by 5.11 for the purposes of this review and while I am allowed to keep the product indefinitely, this will not change my opinion on this product or any of 5.11’s current or past offerings.  

5.11 PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts Review – Features 

PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts

The PT-R Havoc Pro’s are 86% polyester with 14% elastane plain weave with Enduro-Flex™ properties and only come in at 3.7 oz. with a wicking finish. What does this mean in English? It means they are highly breathable and wick moisture so you can stay dry when going for that final set. The entire Short is wrapped in an elasticized waistband with an internal drawcord so keep the shorts around your waist at all times while not being too tight. Over the years of trying different types of shorts, I can honestly say these are some of the most comfortable I have ever worn. The waistband has two attachment points on the rear to hold a towel or your shirt. 

PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts

Hand pockets have a nylon webbing trim, I’m not sure this does anything practical but it looks cool so there’s that. The entire interior of the shorts has a ​​knit jersey liner for added coverage and support. I’m a big fan of these in my shorts but they can make the shorts heat up a little faster than if they did not have this feature. And yes this means you can wear these shorts without underwear as they basically already have a pair built into them. Odor wicking is also sold on these shorts. As I can’t speak to their long-term durability yet, I feel like they will hold up over time, my only concern is that the waistband may lose its shape after repeated washings. 

5.11 PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts Review – Wrap Up 

PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts


  • Supremely Comfortable 
  • Waistband loops for towels 


  • Expensive $57 MSRP
  • Could heat up in summer months with liner 

PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts

Overall, I really like the 5.11 PT-R Havoc Pro Shorts and I hope to get a few more sets in the future. They are incredibly comfortable but that comfort comes at a price. Who would have thought 5.11 would be putting out high-quality gym training gear? Well, they are and if you don’t believe me, get a set for yourself. 

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