How To Design Outdoor Living Spaces for a Small Yard

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space in your small yard can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! By following some tried-and-true design tips, you can create outdoor living spaces that look and feel large.

Here are five tips to get you started

How To Design Outdoor Living Spaces for a Small Yard

Use Walls Strategically

When designing outdoor living spaces for a small yard, it’s important to use walls strategically. You can use walls to create privacy, define different areas, and even add extra storage. Plus, using vertical space can help make a small yard feel larger.

Here are some tips on how to use walls when designing outdoor living spaces:

  • Create your own private space with an evergreen hedge or bamboo screens that can be arranged in a number of ways depending on the amount of privacy you want.
  • Add interest with containers overflowing with colorful flowers, lush succulents, or lively herbs; you’ll enjoy watching them grow and change seasonally over time.
  • Build a trellis for climbing vines like morning glory or wisteria; these plants will cover your wall in pretty blooms all summer long.
  • Mount large hooks on the wall for hanging pots filled with trailing plants like vinca vine or jasmine that produce fragrance throughout the day as they sway in the breeze.

Take Advantage of Your Home’s Existing Architecture

One way to make the most of a small outdoor space is to take advantage of your home’s existing architecture. For example, if you have a porch, deck, or balcony, you can use that space to create an outdoor living area.

Likewise, you can use fences or walls to create different areas within the space if you have a yard. Using your home’s features, you can maximize the potential of your outdoor living areas.

Create an Inviting Focal Point

A well-designed outdoor living space should have a focal point that invites you in and makes you want to stay awhile. In a small yard, this can be achieved by adding a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, or by creating a beautiful garden area. Other ideas include installing an outdoor fireplace or building a pergola or gazebo.

Adding one or more of these features can turn your small yard into an oasis that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Strive for Balance and Symmetry

Achieving balance and symmetry in your outdoor living space design is important, especially if you have a small yard. Placing furniture and other elements in pairs can help create a sense of balance. Using similar colors and textures throughout your design can also create visual harmony.

Be Creative with Design Details

When designing outdoor living spaces, the sky’s the limit. But if you have a small yard, you might feel like your options are limited. Here are some tips for designing outdoor living spaces for a small yard.

Final Thoughts

When designing outdoor living spaces for a small yard, you must consider how you will use the space and what type of furniture and features best suit your needs. Use light-colored furniture and décor to make the space feel larger and more open. Next, add greenery and plant flowers to add color and life to the area. And finally, don’t forget to enjoy your new space!

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