Watch Alexander Megos Tag the First Ascent of ‘The Journey’ 5.15b

If you’re on the journey to climb the hardest route in Margalef, Spain — well, ‘The Journey’ is a big piece of it.

Alexander Megos has climbed better than anyone else in the Spanish conglomerate epicenter of Margalef for the past several years.

No, I mean it. In 2018, Megos established the area’s hardest route, “Perfecto Mundo,” at 9b+/5.15c. This October, he roared back to Margalef’s yawning popcorn roofs to wrestle down “The Journey,” 5.15b, perhaps its second-hardest climb.

Get up to speed on the story in our full article. Watch the saga above.

Runtime: 22 minutes

Alex Megos; (photo/filmmaker Ken Etzel)
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