Silver Hair Is on Trend, Here Are Tips For Cool Results

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In the past, gray hair was a scourge. The parents of young children whose hair turns white prematurely do a variety of ways to get rid of gray hair, such as dyed hair black, brown, and so on to always look young. However, 5 years ago, gray or silver hair trends emerged among beauty and fashion lovers on social media networks.

For those of you, who are interested in being different try silver hair that soft and shiny like silk. However, before making drastic changes to your hair color, first, consider these things:

Leave it to a professional hairdresser

You should not dye your hair at home. The process that includes bleaching, toning, and dyeing takes a long time.

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By going to the Head Office Hair Specialist salon, they will monitor and protect your hair in every process. Head Office Hair Specialist can help you to create perfect silver hair, such as add highlights to hair. The Head Office Hair Specialist is experienced in hair coloring is the only gents colour Bondi, they can change your overall hair color.

Choose Gray Shades That Match Your Skin Tone

Gray color has many shades, ranging from platinum gray, slightly violet, to dark gray. To determine which matches your skin color, check your pulse.

If the color is blue or purple, it means that your skin tone is cool, while the green or yellow color indicates that your skin has a warm tone.

A cold skin tone matches a bright color, whereas a warm tone is better with dark colors. If your skin is white, you should choose the color of dark gray hair dye so that you do not look more pale.

Make sure the hair is in the best condition

The process of coloring hair can make hair damage. However, you can minimize the damage by making sure your hair is strong and healthy before it is dyed. Perform a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 weeks before dyeing hair.

Leave the hair untouched for at least 48 hours before coloring. The goal is to make natural hair oils come out, so they can protect hair from peroxide, a hard substance found in hair dyes.

Styling Hair After Coloring

Reduce hairstyling that uses heat energy (for example using a hairdryer and curling wand) because it can fade the color of the hair. Alternatively, dry your hair naturally after shampooing and styling it with braids or ties.

Or if you have to style your hair with a heater, don’t forget to spray the hair protection product before you heat them.

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